Word Vomit

One of many to come, I hope.

The only reason I’m writing this is… well… there is no reason at all, really. Perhaps it is that I feel a little disgruntled for not productively utilising my time in quarantine. Perhaps I’m just bored out of my mind at this very moment, with no motivation pick up anything else–not even a leisurely task; a book, a game, or a movie.

That is not to say that I feel this way all the time. On the contrary. Looking back at conversations I’ve had with friends it seems like I have been dealing with the situation rather well. Most had not taken the confinement well. Not me, my life pre-COVID was not very different from what I do now. I don’t crave social interactions at all. You could say I’m in my element when I’m alone and unbothered.

I’m not going anywhere with this. A word vomit is supposed to be about anything, or nothing at all. Should I do this regularly? Will I have the capacity for it? Will I have anything to write about? I seem to be running out of things to talk about very quickly when I’m out and about (that’s why I keep my mouth shut) and could very well be the case for writing. I certainly can’t approach this from a documenting/diary angle–there’s not much variety in what I do every day.

Is this going to be a thousand words? I thought I’d do that in the beginning. I’ve seen people do 1,000-word vomits consistently, as a habit, as a tool to help them keep writing. Perhaps that’s a bit too much. 500? Should I be counting at all? Should I think about what I’m going to write on first? Is any premeditation necessary? Oh, maybe I should write movie reviews? Am I capable of writing movie reviews? What about games? Books, perhaps? Would the reviews sound dumb? Should I be concerned about sounding dumb? Should I keep a thesaurus tab open? Is expansive vocabulary that important? Hasn’t the piece served its purpose if the reader understands what I’m trying to say? be Should I check for typos afterwards? Will this be interesting to read? Should it be? Should I publish these at all? Can’t I keep writing things on my journal as I always have.

WordPress tells me I’m nowhere near 1,000 words. I haven’t even reached 400 at this point. But this is it for today, I feel. I will try again… next week? Tomorrow is too soon. Maybe two days from now.

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