Now that the Presidential Elections are over, I see a lot of hate on my Twitter timeline directed towards anyone who criticises the new President or the party he’s associated with.

A lot of it is along the lines of this tired trope: people who criticise the (supposedly patriotic, pious and infallible) President are traitors who act out of self interest. They’re paid for by imperialist elements from beyond the shores. They’re traitors on NGO payroll.

All I can do is point back to this old tweet of mine:



Go to sleep today knowing that in just three days, we’d have to pick one fascist over another (or one would be picked for us — it makes no difference either way.)

Sweet dreams.

I too would pick Fascism Lite over Fascism if they were the only two choices available. They’re not, and just so I could have the illusion of sunshine and rainbows, I’ll keep telling myself that.

Maybe, just maybe, we’d all realize this at the polling booth.

Ah, who am I kidding? We’re fucked.