Journal Snippets

Which topics would you like to be more informed about?

Every topic! I would like to know as much as it is possible to know.

But, realistically, I would like to be better informed about science. I have always been fascinated by science but I never was any good at it in an academic capacity. Right now, my interest in science is not for any academic purpose, but rather for my own curiosity. I like knowing how (certain) things work. I would particularly like to delve deeper into physics.

I would also like to be better informed about politics, especially in my own country. A few years ago my reasoning for this would have been so that I could choose a side. But now, I see the futility in picking sides. Still, being in the center requires that I have an understanding about how the world works politically, because being in the center shouldn’t mean being indifferent. 



The new cabinet of Ministers made me realise that we won’t really see anything changing as long as these tired, obsolete, incompetent fools keep getting reassigned into different portfolios each time around.

Do we need new faces? Yes.

Would I back fresh, inexperienced but energetic candidates if they were to run for office come General Election? Yes.

Would I be willing to run so that I could “be the change I want to see?” No.

But I do think I still have the right to demand better from those who’ve decided to run.



Go to sleep today knowing that in just three days, we’d have to pick one fascist over another (or one would be picked for us — it makes no difference either way.)

Sweet dreams.

I too would pick Fascism Lite over Fascism if they were the only two choices available. They’re not, and just so I could have the illusion of sunshine and rainbows, I’ll keep telling myself that.

Maybe, just maybe, we’d all realize this at the polling booth.

Ah, who am I kidding? We’re fucked.