The Umbrella Academy

In the last episode of The Bad Take I was lamenting the lack* of superheroes outside the Marvel mould in pop culture, so Umbrella Academy was a treat. It was a little slow at first, but once things started happening, it became a fun story.

The “hero running from his/her past” cliche is everywhere at this point, but I didn’t mind it in this show. Also, the dormant world-ending megapower kid was predictable. Still a fun story.

This show also had the perfectest OST. It was so good I had to make a playlist of all the songs.

Also, the comic this show is based on, was written by Gerard Way, the frontman of My Chemical Romance (who just announced a reunion, by the way. Yay!)

*I was simply not looking hard enough



The mediocre are the most confident of their abilities, I’ve found. (This applies to myself as much as it does to anyone, invariably.)

Sometimes I think I’m surprisingly smart. Sometimes I feel resoundingly dumb. But in actuality, what I am is consistently mediocre.


Shoulda left it in the 20s

Why do people still say “right-o?” (“Right-ho?”)

Didn’t it go out of fashion in the 20s? (If not, WHY?) It’s only cool when Bertie Wooster says it.


Mr Gaiman

I could listen to Neil Gaiman all day.

And it wouldn’t matter what he’s talking about. He could be talking about my least favourite thing on earth and I’d still be all ears.

Yudhanjaya summarised this very nicely some time ago:

On that note, one of my favourite speeches ever, and quite possibly the best speech Neil has ever done:

Journal Snippets

June 3rd

June 3rd is getting nearer.

There are 2 reasons I’m looking forward to this date.

  1. WWDC. That means new iOS, macOS, watchOS, everything.
  2. But most importantly, the selected attendees of the Google Local Guides Summit will be announced. I’m pretty sure I have not been selected, but it’s still exciting to look forward to.

I think I should prepare myself a little for the fact that I would not be selected. I’m sure it won’t affect me a lot. I won’t feel upset or anything, because I know very well that I don’t deserve it, but it’s still good to have some self talk.

Firstly, even though I’m a Level 8 Local Guide, my contributions to Maps are very minimal. A bulk of what I do is making minor edits. To be a better contributor, I think I should write more reviews, and upload more photos. And to do that, I have to visit more places. I’m not keen on visiting a lot of places, so that’s a little difficult.

Secondly, I’m not active in the community. I don’t attend a lot of meetups, and even on the Local Guides Connect platform I rarely engage with people. I hardly ever post anything there.

Thirdly, I’m not proactive. I haven’t organized any meetups here, and probably never will.

So, apart from the 30K points I have accumulated over the years, I don’t have a very good profile. If I ever want to go, I will have to try a lot harder.