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Which topics would you like to be more informed about?

Day One Daily Prompt – 3

Every topic! I would like to know as much as it is possible to know.

But, realistically, I would like to be better informed about science. I have always been fascinated by science but I never was any good at it in an academic capacity. Right now, my interest in science is not for any academic purpose, but rather for my own curiosity. I like knowing how (certain) things work. I would particularly like to delve deeper into physics.

I would also like to be better informed about politics, especially in my own country. A few years ago my reasoning for this would have been so that I could choose a side. But now, I see the futility in picking sides. Still, being in the center requires that I have an understanding about how the world works politically, because being in the center shouldn’t mean being indifferent. 

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