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After watching the Netflix adaption of The Witcher, I wanted to read the books and play the games. I had already played about 15 hours in the 3rd game, but I was not fully invested in the mythos there. So I started with the first book, and the first game.

The first game came out in 2007. So it was pretty badly optimised for my new hardware. I endured through it, nevertheless. The story was pretty good, but a little dragged out. The game totalled around 45 hours, if I’m not mistaken.

The first two books (The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny) were relatively fast reads. They’re collections of short stories. The third book, Blood of Elves, which is the first novel, is what I’m reading now.

It’s only after starting to read the books I realised that the events in the games take place after the events in the book series. But that didn’t affect my experience adversely at all.

I’m now playing the second game (Assassins of Kings.) I had some trouble optimising the game for my computer, but things are working fine now. I’ve played about 4 hours, and hoping to play more in the next weeks.

Journal Snippets

The Last of Us

I finished the game yesterday. It was one hell of a ride.

The pacing of the story was perfect. There was action just when you wanted there to be action and then there were heavy emotional moments when you wanted those. It felt more like a movie you could interact with, than a game. 

On top of the story being perfectly told, it was pretty challenging, too. Halfway through, I changed the difficulty from Normal to Easy, because some levels were a little difficult to get through, especially if you broke stealth. 

A sequel will be released in May. I’m looking forward to playing that. 

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I bought some near gear for the podcast.

New foldable mic stands:

New 4x input Audio Interface:

This was only $125 on Amazon for Black Friday. A full $100 off. I couldn’t resist.

Now we can easily record guest episodes without having to share mics.

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It’s the last month of the decade.

I was in school for the first 3 years. Those weren’t good years, although there were some highs. Things did get progressively better afterwards.

I’m not one to set goals or resolutions–or follow through, if I do set them–but if I want to do anything in the next decade, I’d want to be as happy as I have been these past few years.

Journal Snippets


We changed the look and feel of the podcast website a little bit. Have a look:

Along with it, the podcast logo and thumbnails are changing, too. We will use these typefaces and design style whenever promotional material are created in the future.


New logo:

New episode thumbnail for Anchor and all other podcast platforms we’re on:

New episode thumbnail for YouTube:

And that’s that.