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Which topics would you like to be more informed about?

Every topic! I would like to know as much as it is possible to know.

But, realistically, I would like to be better informed about science. I have always been fascinated by science but I never was any good at it in an academic capacity. Right now, my interest in science is not for any academic purpose, but rather for my own curiosity. I like knowing how (certain) things work. I would particularly like to delve deeper into physics.

I would also like to be better informed about politics, especially in my own country. A few years ago my reasoning for this would have been so that I could choose a side. But now, I see the futility in picking sides. Still, being in the center requires that I have an understanding about how the world works politically, because being in the center shouldn’t mean being indifferent. 

Journal Snippets

Do you want to live past 100? Why or why not?

I don’t. I think it’s the immediacy of death that makes life interesting. 

I can make a reasonable guess as to what I would be doing in the next few years of my life. I can make a plan for, say, next 20 years, and hope that everything would go well. Beyond that, I have no idea what I would be doing or where I’d be.  Given that, it’s almost impossible to think where life would take me if I were to live to a hundred. I would be happy with 75. 

I can’t imagine what life would be like with a failing body and mind. Even if by some miracle if we’re able to slow the ageing process, or upload our brains to a computer to live forever, I think things would be quite boring after you’ve lived as long as 100. I would need some rest then. 

Journal Snippets

How does hard work make me feel fulfilled?

Yesterday I added the Day One widget to my home screen. Among the variations available I’ve chosen the widget that gives me a writing prompt every day. The idea is that I hope to be tempted to keep on the journaling habit if I keep seeing this every time I unlock my phone.

This is the first entry. 

Prompt: How does hard work make me feel fulfilled?

I haven’t thought about this in a while. When I started my own business, I was convinced that that the more I worked, the happier I will be. But now I have realized that it’s not the case. I’ve realised that I need time to do other things, too. Most importantly, I need time to do nothing.

So, I don’t try to work as much as I can anymore. I simply try to do my best each day. And sometimes, I fail. 

I feel guilty when that happens. I suppose that’s inevitable. We’re trained to measure our self worth solely based on our work output, for so long, that anything other than this framing feels untrue. So when I procrastinate, I feel bad.

But I do it anyway.

It’s not so bad to the point where it has become a habit and I’ve become a lazy slob, but I do it every now and then.

So, in a way, I think hard work makes me feel fulfilled because when I know I’ve done my share, I don’t feel guilty. I feel like I’ve earned the things I have. I suppose the trick is to not overwork myself, but at the same time, keep doing what needs to be done so that I feel like I’ve contributed.

Journal Snippets


I had a discussion with some friends today about writing.

I believe it has given me a momentary motivation boost to get back to this habit I have wanted for so long to cultivate.

Currently, I have three outlets I can use: my journal, this “micro” blog on my website, and my main blog. The first is private. Only I will know the contents of what goes into my journal. The microblog and the main blog are public.

I have the same plan I had–but failed to implement–before. I will write everyday on my journal, and take things I think are worth sharing to my microblog. These are bound to be half-formed thoughts, so they can’t ego on the main blog yet. And then, occasionally, when I have something that I really want to say, I will write that on the main blog as a full length post.

This is starting today, with this journal entry. Let’s see how long I can keep up. 

Journal Snippets


I bought some near gear for the podcast.

New foldable mic stands:

New 4x input Audio Interface:

This was only $125 on Amazon for Black Friday. A full $100 off. I couldn’t resist.

Now we can easily record guest episodes without having to share mics.