Go to sleep today knowing that in just three days, we’d have to pick one fascist over another (or one would be picked for us — it makes no difference either way.)

Sweet dreams.

I too would pick Fascism Lite over Fascism if they were the only two choices available. They’re not, and just so I could have the illusion of sunshine and rainbows, I’ll keep telling myself that.

Maybe, just maybe, we’d all realize this at the polling booth.

Ah, who am I kidding? We’re fucked.


Unsolicited Advice

What gives Sri Lankan adults — especially the ones you’ve never met before and would probably never talk to again — the audacity to give you unsolicited advice about what to do with your life?

What the unfortunate recipients of such advice, such as yours truly, need to keep in mind is that opinion and counsel are two very different things. And opinion almost never matters, unless it comes from people who (a) are very close to you AND (b) have *your* best interests at heart.

These overstepping Lankan uncles and aunties almost always tout their (uninformed) opinion of you, rarely counsel.

Sifting one from the other is difficult. Harder still in conservative societies like ours where the most fatuous voice in the room easily drowns out the most sensible, given only that the former belongs to a person mature in their years.

We have a frankly asinine practice of blindly following authority, so unless you know better, you’re forced to nod along to their drivel. You know you don’t agree with them, but you’re told not to speak up because they’re an adult.

We do this not just with our parents, but relatives, teachers, any kind of elders, really. I’m going to take a guess here and say this translates to blind faith in bosses, politicians, etc. later in life. It’s unnerving to think of.


Brand Love > Brand Loyalty

I saw this video a customer had made for us the other day:

It’s almost unbelievable to me that anyone would go to this length (it’s a short video, but still) to talk about a product they love, completely unprompted.

It’s only a bloody t-shirt. But then people do this with it. It’s surreal, sometimes I have to pinch myself.


The Umbrella Academy

In the last episode of The Bad Take I was lamenting the lack* of superheroes outside the Marvel mould in pop culture, so Umbrella Academy was a treat. It was a little slow at first, but once things started happening, it became a fun story.

The “hero running from his/her past” cliche is everywhere at this point, but I didn’t mind it in this show. Also, the dormant world-ending megapower kid was predictable. Still a fun story.

This show also had the perfectest OST. It was so good I had to make a playlist of all the songs.

Also, the comic this show is based on, was written by Gerard Way, the frontman of My Chemical Romance (who just announced a reunion, by the way. Yay!)

*I was simply not looking hard enough



The mediocre are the most confident of their abilities, I’ve found. (This applies to myself as much as it does to anyone, invariably.)

Sometimes I think I’m surprisingly smart. Sometimes I feel resoundingly dumb. But in actuality, what I am is consistently mediocre.