Hello, I’m Thamara

I’m a businessman by day. I run a clothing company called Bear Appeal with my friend Pavithra.We make comfortable clothing––t-shirts, socks, boxer briefs––for people who are not into fashion.

I design movie posters as a hobby. If you’d like to buy a digital copy, you can do so here.

Whenever time permits, I podcast with my friend Himal. Our podcast is called The Bad Take. You can support us on Patreon if you enjoy our content.

And finally, although I’m not very good at it, I write occasionally. The snippets I write that don’t form into a fully-fledged blog post end up on this “micro” blog.

A full overview of my work history, educational background, and the projects I’ve been involved in can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

To contact me regarding any of the above, you can email me at thamara [at] hey [dot] com. Alternatively, say hi on Twitter.