Hello, I’m Thamara

I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland at the moment, but I’m originally from Sri Lanka. 

I used to be a businessman by day. I co-founded two companies with my friend Pavithra. One is a clothing company called Bear Appeal, making comfortable clothing––t-shirts, socks, boxer briefs––for people who are not into fashion. Yes, you read that right. Bear Appeal’s focus is on making you comfortable, not on making a fashion statement. The other company, Bear Supply Global, is a manufacturing operation that makes Bear Appeal branded clothing.

By night, I wear many hats. 

I design movie posters as a hobby. This is my portfolio on Behance. If you’d like to buy a digital copy, you can do so here. Prints are also available for purchase.

I podcast with my friend Himal. Our podcast is called The Bad Take. You can support us on Patreon if you enjoy our content.

I help out the folks (my friends Himal, Rajni and Jo) at Debas.lk. Debas is a writing platform which brings together diverse perspectives on Sri Lankan politics, economy, society and culture.

And finally, although I’m not very good at it, I write occasionally.

A full overview of my work history, educational background, and the projects I’ve been involved in can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

To contact me regarding any of the above, you can email me at thamara [at] hey [dot] com. Alternatively, say hi on Twitter or use the contact form below.